Thursday, May 27, 2010

the networks hate me...

They did it. I knew they would. And they did. The list is out of shows not coming back next season, and I am so bummed. New Christine? gone. Ghost Whisperer? gone. (cheesy, I know, but I liked it. I am weird that way.) Happy Town. gone. This I do not understand. This show just started, they are only a few episodes in, and already it has been cancelled. So so bummed.

Yet shows that are no longer funny, like Two and a Half Men, are still on. All those CSI's are still on, when everyone knows only the original Las Vegas one is worth watching. And while I am venting about the loss of my television shows I have to also say this; I MISS GIL!

I fear that the demise of all the shows I like means only one thing. More football and pre-school programming in my future. sigh...

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