Thursday, May 27, 2010

tv is back, baby!

an excerpt from an essay written last month...
I am very excited about the premier of a new tv show tomorrow - Happy Town. The commercials have definitely peaked my interest - seems like Picket Fences meets Twin Peaks. I want to not be excited about this, because I know exactly is going to happen. I am going to like this new show. A lot. I will start tivo-ing it, and then each week I will look forward to sitting down with Brad after Matthew is in bed and watching my new favorite show. For a few weeks at least. maybe even a month or two. But then, I fear, "they" will take it all away.

I really liked October Road. I liked that show about a record producer with that guy from ED. I liked Dirt. I got caught up in the drama, laughed and cried with the characters, enjoyed the scenery, (October Road) and the life so unlike my own (Dirt). I really invested a part of myself in these new shows. Then "they" came in and ruined it all.

I don't get it. Isn't it more expensive to keep making new shows than it would be to continue marketing the barely much older ones? If we all gave up after so little time nothing would be accomplished. Nothing in my life would be, anyway. It took some time to get to where I am in my career, to start a family. If I cancelled my new endeavors a few months in I would be living alone somewhere in a rented apartment, possibly with an army of cats. dogs seem to be more for people who are settled in life and know where they are going...

I will watch Happy Town this week and maybe add it to my list of shows I really really like that I hope "they" don't cancel. Currently that list is not too long- Parenthood and The Big Bang Theory may be the only ones on it right now. And I hope that I don't find myself one day sitting in my car wondering if Hannah would have married Ray or if Don ever went back on his meds.

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