Thursday, August 13, 2009

what I have learned

Last February I was heading to Cleveland for a job interview. (Side note- I did get the job). On the way to my hotel the night before the interview I stopped in Akron to have dinner with a close friend from college. I had seen my friend once, I think, since our son joined our family, and that was at a party where we really didn't have much time to chat. This was just the two of us, no kids, no husbands, no time limits. I had been a mommy for about 8 months, so, naturally, the conversation revolved around this mommy club I had finally joined.

My friend asked me a question she asks all new moms. "What has most surprised you about being a new mom?" I remember having a hard time answering that question. Nothing really surprised me. I expected the sleeplessness. I expected the health concerns. I expected the complete joy and total immersion in this small child. So I couldn't really answer her question.

Now that I have been a new mother for over a year, I can still say that nothing has really surprised me. But I can say that I have learned so much. So much.

There will always be time to empty the dishwasher. But the clock is ticking on playing cars with the baby.

There will always be some sort of food stuck to the kitchen floor. Eventually it will be cleaned. get over it.

Stopping the car on a long trip before the little guy wakes up will prevent ear splitting screaming and oh so much stress.

Staying home just because of the ear splitting car trip induced screaming is not acceptable.

It's not so bad to be thrown up on.

Wearing shoes at all times is easier that trying to assure that the match box cars are always put away.

The extra mess of letting the 2 year old stand on a chair at the counter and help make dinner is worth the memories it makes.

Fingerprints on the laptop are ok.

Cell phones should never, ever, go swimming in the toilet.

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