Friday, January 16, 2009

dreaming of the sun and sand

I am so cold! It is freezing here in Columbus, Ohio. Freezing. I swear the older I get the worse I handle being cold. By the time I am 80 I may never leave my house!

I am dreaming of warm places.... maybe a beach by the deep blue ocean... I can hear the water rolling up to the sand and then running back to the ocean.... I can feel the warmth of the sun heating up the sand between my toes and feel the sun on my face..... But then I open my eyes and see the snow on the ground and the ice hanging from the window.... I feel the chill in the air.... oh well... I will have to settle for holding Matthew's lamb that plays ocean sounds while sitting by our fireplace....

I know it is truly cold because Matthew not only let me bundle him up tight in his coat- zipper AND snap it closed, he let me put on his mittens and he even stayed under the blanket I threw over him to get him to the car this morning! Now, THAT is cold! brrrr!!

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