Sunday, January 18, 2009

matthew's first snow

Today we all played in the snow in the backyard. I had forgotten how much fun that is! We bundled up Matthew in his new snow pants and boots, and watched as he waddled around the living room trying to get his balance back. very sweet.

We threw snow balls and tossed snow in the air and watched our little one walk and touch and feel and play in snow for the first time in his young life. On Wednesday, when all this snow was coming down, he looked up at the sky as we were getting out of the car. He looked into the dark sky and watched all the snow falling down, and he held out his hands and whispered "wow". But it was so cold, and very late for him, so he was wisked in and out of the car without getting to experience the joy of playing in the snow. But today he enjoyed his very own winter wonderland in our backyard, and it was a beautiful moment.

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