Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I May Have Already Won Mother of the Year

It is only the first day of the new year and I am already in the running for "Mother of the Year". And by "in the running" I mean super way ahead of the rest of you. So far ahead that you should all just give up now.

It was a fairly normal day in my household. Lots of screaming, laughs and giggles, combined with the usual amounts of running around followed by a few bouts of brotherly fighting and episodes of all out crashing where both boys rolled around the floor wrapped in blankets. There weren't any major behavior issues, no hitting or tearing anything apart. I say this because I was not distracted by the frequent odd behaviors we deal with around here.

Despite the lack of distractions I still managed to miss much of what happened around here today. My sweet husband let me sleep in. He took the boys out so I could have some time to myself. He even kept track of them while I did some work upstairs in the office.

My first clue something was wrong was when I looked across the room at the tiny toddler, who is still potty training and was running around the house with a bare bottom, and saw a weird red mark on his tiny bum. When I question my little man he calmly explained to me that he had been playing and had backed into the gas fireplace. He must have done more than backed into it- he must have stood there with his bum pressed against the glass. So, strike one.

Later while we were enjoying our new year's day dinner my big five year old casually mentioned that his head hurt and asked why he had this bump on his forehead. And a bump it certainly was. This time no one, not my big five year old, not my sweet husband, know what happened this time.

And then, after dinner, I was reviewing the pictures on my phone, getting ready to delete the hundreds of photos the tiny toddler takes every day, when this one caught my eye:

That is my big five year old standing on the kitchen counter, apparently trying to to get to the good stuff I keep up out of their reach. There are no less than 15 photos of him doing this, and in some, he is actually posing. I hope he shared whatever he found up there with his little partner in crime.

So, to recap:

burned bum
bump on head of unknown origin
photographic evidence of kitchen counter climbing

Mother of the Year, here I come. And it's only the first day of 2013. I cannot imagine the fun this year will bring!

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