Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nighttime Surprise

Your room is silent and still, probably for the first time all day. The light with the old fashioned blue truck is lit on your night stand, lighting the quiet with a soft glow. I look down at you, sleeping backwards in your bed. Your head is at the foot of the bed, by the door. I smile. You are surrounded by your baby stuffed animals. Your little  brother's life size monkey is resting on your chest, nearly as long as you are. Your growing five year old body is so long, laying there in your bed.  Your large red angry bird is nestled between your arm and your ear while your baby hamster and baby hamster's mommy are tucked under your elbow. Two small angry birds, one yellow and one black, rest by your other ear and three Cleveland Brown's pillow pet dogs stand guard in a row by your side.

When I left you, still awake and bouncing in your bed, your animals were all sitting at the bottom of your bed, unaware that they would soon be used to sooth you into sleep. Your blankets were still folded by your pillow; now they are all layered on top of you, first your orange Cleveland Brown's blanket, then the blue cloud covered blanket you got when you had your oral surgery. On top of that is another Cleveland Brown's blanket and then the blue crocheted baby blanket that a friend of mine gave to you when you came home. On top of that is a colorful knitted blanket and then your bedspread, decorated with the same trucks as on your lamp. I touch your head, smooth your hair back. You are covered in sweat from all the blankets- I uncover you a little and you roll over, open your eyes, and a wide smile breaks out on on your face. You are still asleep, little one, but you instinctively reach out your arms to me for one more night night hug. I kiss your cheek and you roll back over, hug your giant red angry bird, and drift back into sleep.

I love our little nightly ritual. I love walking in to your room on my way to bed myself, and seeing what you have done with your stuffed baby animals this time. Every night the arrangement is a little different, the cast of characters dependent on who happens to be available and in your room at bedtime. I love your creativity and weirdness, little one. And I love you.

one of the more tame nightly creations!

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