Friday, January 6, 2012

statistics, beth style

25% of us cannot see a thing in this picture.

25% of us are probably peeing during this photo.

75% of us are not getting enough sleep. 50% of us can blame 25% of us for the lack of sleep.

25% of us responds to reason 25% of the time.

25% of us never responds to reason, but always responds to apple sauce pouches.

25% of us responds to reason 75% of the time, and to hot chocolate 100% of the time.

50% of us never drink white milk, straight.

25% of us can be convinced that water is juice.

50% of us have mastered standing while peeing, most of the time.

75% of us hold U.S. passports.

50% of us have foreign country passports.

50% of us get to take a nap every weekday, while only 25% of us manage same nap on weekends.

50% of us dream of nap time while never getting to partake.

25% of us eats the equivalent of 1 grape for dinner most nights.

75% of us can not make it through the night without peeing.

25% of us showered this morning.

75% of us got to play today.

50% of us own 90% of the space in the house.

75% of us love sweet tea.

25% of us drink sweet tea out of a sippy cup.

50% of us are only clean for approximately 10 minutes a day.

50% of us have birthdays coming up in the 3 months and only 25% of us are excited about it.

50% of us can forgive every sleepless moment, every spilled cup of milk, every toy stepped on in the middle of the night with just 1 kiss from the other 50% of us.

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