Saturday, December 17, 2011

bad mommy moments

Bad Mommy Moment #862: dinnertime. The tiny toddler demanded to be free of his high chair so that he could go play trains with his older brother, who had already been excused from the table after hoovering down his dinner in one gulp. (The tiny toddler ate nothing. He may forever remain a tiny little guy.) They somehow found their way upstairs, where we could hear them playing nicely together. for about a minute. Then we hear lots of banging. And giggling. And then, nothing. And we just kept eating.

Bad Mommy Moment #863: right after dinner. The boys had found their way back downstairs, no harm done. They had brought down a shelf shaped like a train they found in the big four and a half year old's closet and were "riding" it like a train through the living room. Dare we sneak out of the kitchen into the dining room where it is quiet? Dare we? I quietly pushed back my chair, snuck over to the counter to refill my ice tea and tiptoed into the dining room. My husband followed right behind. We had at least 4 minutes of talking to each other before they found us.

Bad Mommy Moment #864: right after our dining room hiding spot was discovered. A sudden burst of energy, possibly brought on by the steroids I just finished taking, prompted me to do a massive toy clean up. I emptied the toy box, sorted toys by type, put them back in their individual bins. I shooed my boys out of the empty toy box so I could put it all back in. And then I gathered up everything left on the floor, looked my big four and a half year old in the eye and said, "No, sweetie. Mommy's not going to throw these toys away." Bad Mommy.

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