Monday, November 1, 2010

there are so many things I don't understand

It seems as though every day I come across something I just don't understand. And every day I feel a little older and out of touch, which is a very strange feeling. I feel that I am somewhat electronically sophisticated- I love my blackberry and am addicted to facebook. I have given up my paper and glue in favor of digital scrap booking. But yet I am still somewhat out of touch, which I suppose is not necessarily a bad thing. I like my simple life, so I don't need to be as in touch as a young 18 year old. God knows I could not handle all that stimulation! But still, so much I don't understand!

  • why can't AT & T combine our product lines into one bill?
  • is it possible to have more than one user's play list attached to an i-pod?
  • why am I never happy with the end product when I attempt to make beef stew?
  • can I have more than one i-pod attached to my email address?
  • where are my podcasts disappearing to after I download them?
  • why do the news channels always find the worst representative of the community to speak about whatever horrific incident just occurred?
  • why does united health care keep demanding proof that we have no other health insurance every time mzw has some sort of procedure?
  • why will the social security administration not accept a traditional power of attorney and demand you complete their specific form?
  • seriously, I do not understand my i-pod. at all apparently.
  • why does the assisted living where my mother lives let her repeatedly use the telephone instead of reminding her that she just called me? I wasn't home then, I am probably not home now.
  • why do I need to buy new socks every winter? where do they go over the summer?
  • what is that strange circle icon that just showed up on my blackberry about two weeks ago? what is it trying to tell me?
  • who really cares that our fence is 12 inches too high?
  • how is the gas tank of the malibu always on empty?
  • how do I always find my husband's shoes, no matter where they are, and trip over them?
  • how do I keep buying coffee pots with broken pause buttons? Are there no quality checks for this feature?
I could go on and on. and on. There are so many mysteries in my world!

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  1. Beth,

    My cell, landline and dsl are all AT&T and all on one bill. There's even a discount for "the bundle". You may want to check in to it, if that's what you're referencing.