Monday, October 25, 2010

more things I never thought I would say...

  • Did you just put that piece of turkey down your underwear?
  • That sign says that pumpkin weighs 150 pounds. We are NOT taking it home!
  • I cannot explain how the port a potty works, again, Just go!
  • You just poured Stuart the Fish down the drain? Really?
  • I know it's 11:30 at night but I just need 500 more steps...
  • If turkey falls out of your underwear when you are in the bathroom DO NOT EAT IT.
  • Forks are to eat with, not to toss across the dining room table.
  • I know you want to look out the window, but piling your metal lunch box on top of the pillows from mommy's bed, on top of your lion push toy with wheels is NOT a good idea.
  • I TOLD YOU that was NOT a good idea.
  • No, I do not want to see what you just pulled out of your nose.

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