Sunday, November 21, 2010

homeopathic cough syrup and wives in electric cars

My little guy has a horrible cough. He has his usual cold weather cough- that he has had for a few weeks now, ever since we had our first really cold weather. But right now he has some sort of infection which is making the normal cough really really ucky. I usually medicate him with teaspoons of organic honey as I don't want to get into a need for daily doses of cough syrup- he will literally have this cough through April. But today I did break down and purchase some cough medicine- homeopathic, to make me feel a little better at least.

Mommy: "We need to get you some cough syrup."
Matthew: "I don't like cough syrup."
Mommy: "How do you know? You have never had cough syrup."
Matthew: "It sounds like I don't like it. How about some cough ketchup instead?"
And I bet he would gobble it down if it tasted like ketchup...

I took Matthew to the grocery store this afternoon and on the way home I popped in one of his cd's to end the seemingly never ending cycle of questions flying at me from the back seat. He appeared confused and upset over the fact that we were driving home a different way than usual. Which we weren't, so not sure what was up with that. He is not usually directionally challenged, although every time he sees downtown Columbus he says we are in Cleveland. Maybe I should work on that...

So I pushed play on the cd player and "Farmer in the Dell" filled the car. My sweet little guy started singing along, and I breathed deeply, enjoying the fact that his little voice was temporarily busy with singing. Then I perked up and listened to the words coming out of his mouth.

The Farmer takes a wife, the Farmer takes a wife...... the Farmer takes a wife.
The Wife takes a wife, the Wife takes a wife..... the Wife takes a wife.
The Wife takes the car, the Wife takes the car..... the Wife takes the car.
The Car uses electricity, the Car uses electricity... the Car uses electricity.

How 21st century of him. He has single handedly  updated this classic children's song, complete with same sex relationships,  wives taking cars, and ecologically friendly electric cars at that.

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