Saturday, November 27, 2010

a cowlicks day in the sun

I am having the best hair day I have had in weeks. Months maybe. I dare to say it may have even been a year or two since my hair has looked this good. And I think I owe this great hair day feeling to the extra game of Uno my family played this morning. Ask any woman and she will tell you that not much compares to having a truly good hair day. A litany of complaints and bad feelings can be erased when our hair behaves. On a good hair day we want to stop every chance we get and admire ourselves- every microwave door, car window and dark computer screen suddenly morph into mirrors in which we can stop for a moment, staring at our beautiful hair and enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling we get knowing we look good. Men, now you know our secret. A good hair day is truly an awesome experience.

I usually straighten certain pieces of my hair with a flat iron. I walk out the house on a regular basis wearing only moisturizer and lip gloss and I rarely wear any makeup other than mascara, so I am not a high maintenance type of girl. (although my husband may disagree. I fear I might be high maintenance where words are concerned. I always want to know what he is thinking, what he just mumbled to himself, what what what...) While I may not be too concerned with how my lipstick looks I do take time with my hair. I have a cowlick that I have loathed since I was a young girl. This hair problem and I have been at war for years. I finally found my answer when i started straightening it. Finally, tamed! Take that, stupid cowlick. You will not get the best of me!

I am a planner. I am always doing that backwards math, starting at the end and working back towards the present moment, creating a backwards timeline, of sorts. Today's timeline ended with arriving at my mother's assisted living with lunch in hand, at 11:45. Which required us picking up lunch around 11:30, which required picking up drinks at 11:15, which required us leaving the house at 11:10. Which is why I was a little thrown when I was just beginning to make macaroni and cheese  for the kids at this lunch at 11:00. Something had to  give, and making the macaroni and cheese the way I wanted, from scratch, healthy and whole food style, was more important than straightening my hair. That extra game of Uno we played as a family this morning between breakfast and getting everyone moving towards showers and dressed for the day was worth missing alone time with my flat iron.  So I gave in to the cowlick today. I let it have it's day. I boiled water and stirred butter and cheese. I packed a bag with drinks for the kids and a tupperware bowl of macaroni. I hunted through the refrigerator for the italian salad dressing I knew my mother would prefer over the restaurant dressing that would come with her southern chicken salad. I helped my little guy into his coat and helped my husband load the car. Cheesy as it may sound, I put my family first and myself second and let my hated cowlick  have it's day in the sun.

We had a great lunch with Mom, and my hair looked awesome. My sister, Brad, and I took the kids bowling, and my hair looked great. We stopped to get gas and I was like that woman in the shampoo commercial, whisking my son from his car seat and rushing him inside to the gas station bathroom to avoid an accident, all while my hair looked amazing. I may throw out that flat iron. Maybe. We'll see. But probably not.

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