Tuesday, September 21, 2010

maybe my new brother or sister will fit in the cupholder

Conversation between Matthew and I as we pulled into our driveway tonight after day care pickup:

mzw: "mommy, we need a new car seat."
me: "why?"
mzw: "cuz my new sister or brother will need one. a baby one."
me: "good thinking. maybe your new brother or sister could have your car seat and you can get a big boy car seat."
mzw: "yeah! but mommy, there is no room for another car seat. you need to clean out the car."
me: "when it's time we'll make room."
mzw: "I want to drive the equinator when you and daddy clean out the car to make room for the new car seat." (he loves to "drive" the car when we are outside.)

the little man int he backseat is quiet for a minute.

mzw: "you had better start cleaning out the car now, mommy. it is really messy and it will take you and daddy a long time to make room. maybe my new brother or sister will be small and will fit in the cup holder, then you can keep your stuff back here still."

I am amazed by this conversation for many reasons. One- we were not talking about the adoption. He knows we are "doing paperwork" to bring home a brother or sister, but we do not talk about it with him frequently.

Two- he seems to be planning ahead for this new addition to our family. He has already told me that he will share his toys, and now he is making sure we have enough car seats to go around.

He is so sweet and compassionate!

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