Wednesday, June 9, 2010

these suitcases are haunting me

This family of mine has been so busy lately! I love it, I really do, but sheesh, I am tired. I am embarrassed to admit that there are two suitcases sitting open on the living room sofa. (and one upstairs sitting open on the floor of Matthew's bedroom, but we'll get to that later.) The larger suitcase is from our trip two weeks ago to Cleveland for a big reunion party at our adoption agency. The smaller suitcase on top is from last weekend's trip to Cleveland for our nephew's high school graduation. Right now I hate these suitcases. I am not even sure I can clearly remember why I never hauled them upstairs the moment we got home. Possible reasons:

1. They are heavy.
2. I wanted to take out the dirty clothes first so I wouldn't have to turn around and bring them right back downstairs.
3. The big one is broken, has been for a while. I wanted to empty it and throw it away.
4. I am just too tired to haul suitcases up the stairs, which seem like a higher climb when carrying heavy items.

So now I have these two half empty suitcases sitting on my sofa. I actually got dressed out of one of them yesterday. As I stood in the living room rooting around in the suitcases looking for shorts to change into I thought "yikes, this is pathetic." Sadly, this thought was fleeting and so as soon as I was dressed I turned my back on the offending suitcases and walked into the other room, where a little boy was hopping up and down in anticipation of his M&M's, ("because I peed for YOU, mommy!). After all, I will be repacking the suitcases again this weekend anyways. Our third trip to Cleveland in three weeks is hurtling towards us. I just hope I can have the suitcases emptied and put away before my son needs them for college. Or, better yet, we can just get him a set for graduation!

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