Sunday, January 4, 2009

I will dance

Right now I am listening to my son, in his crib, go back and forth between babbling happily, saying "hi", and crying. What he is NOT doing is sleeping, which is unfortunate. For Matthew, who will be tired and cranky. For Mommy, who can't get her "to do" list done if he is not sleeping. But I will put the list away, push it to the back of my mind, forget it as soon as I pick him up and he puts his arms around me, patting my shoulder and rubbing my back like he likes to do. I will forget the dishwasher that needs emptied, and the kitchen floor that needs scrubbed, and the christmas tree that needs taken down. I will forget the laundry that is folded and sitting quietly, waiting patiently in the basket for me to put it in it's proper place. I will forget that head start I wanted to get on work this week, or that cup of coffee that sits on the counter, cold, with the cream still swirled on the top like a thick cloud. I will forget it all. I will breath him in, hug him, remember the day when I didn't have a little one to keep me from my well ordered life. And I will laugh. He will want to dance when he comes downstairs, our little wilkison family, dancing in the kitchen to songs Daddy put on the i-pod just for us. So I will dance, and I will love, and I will laugh.

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  1. What an awesome post. It gave me goosebumps. So Sweet!!!!!!!