Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am soooo in love with my husband. Seriously. Cannot imagine living a single day without him, when I go out in the evening with friends I start to miss him - I would ride the highest roller coaster to save his life. Which I realize sounds horribly lame, but I do not do well on high roller coasters. In fact, I have waited in line for hours with my husband- for him to ride the ride and for me to take that walk of shame back down the stairs, everyone watching and knowing I was too scared to get on the thing. That shows right there how much I love Brad- that I am willing to do that for him!

I thank God every day for him. He is my reason for getting up in the morning, he is what keeps me going throughout the day, he is my rock and my shoulder to cry on. And best of all, he loves me for exactly who I am, with no wishes that I was a different person. His love for me is real, and I can actually feel it taking me in, enveloping me- it sinks to my core and settles every part of my soul.

So today, especially, I thank God for my husband, because it was nine years ago today that we met for the first time. Both of us nervous, not sure what to expect, not ever thinking that this person we were about to meet would be "the one". I remember that night as though it was yesterday, even though there is so much life in between then and now. Job losses, moves to new homes, fertility treatments, an adoption journey, becoming parents, surgeries and illnesses, aging parents... but what I remember and hold dear is the good stuff- cutting down our own Christmas trees, painting our apartment in Cleveland, pizza at Antonio's, taking baxter bear on trips, the scary bus ride in mexico, the subway in toronto, all our many trips... all our laughs... what I will always hold dear is the life that happens in between the big stuff. The little moments every day when my husband reminds me why I fell in love with him in the first place.


  1. WOW!! Goosebumps!!! brad is a lucky guy:)

    I'm trying to plan a scrap day for next week. I was thinking maybe next Friday??

    Can I link your blog to mine?

  2. yes, you can link my blog to yours! Monday or Tuesday works for me to scrap!