Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New beginnings

Welcome back. It's been a while, hasn't it? Two years, to be exact. It's been two long, busy, fun, aggravating, hopeless and hopeful years since I have sat down to pour out my thoughts. Time stopped for a while, as I worked towards accepting and then figuring out who I was, where I fit in, and how to be the type of mom and wife I really never thought I'd need to be. Don't celebrate just yet- I am still a work in progress. My return might be slow. It might be somewhat scattered and of absolutely no interest to anyone.

Things around here will be changing a little. To a community, of sorts. I invite you to stick around. And if you have a map for life, that'd be great, bring it along. No, on second thought, don't. Your life map won't guide me. Plus, I suck at reading maps. Thank God for GPS, am I right? So let's see. Ditch the map and bring instead your humor, your compassion, and some really strong coffee. Let's all be thankful today for new beginnings, funny things that make us laugh, and drinking coffee while it's still hot. 

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