Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Letter to My Neighbors, or Warm Weather is Coming!

Dear Brand New Neighbors,

Thank you for the hospitality you have shown to my family! In the past six weeks since we have moved in you have waved to us as we waited at the bus stop. You have stopped on your evening walks to introduce yourself. We have been told "welcome to the neighborhood" numerous times and have received the low down on the pool, trick or treat and the home vists that Santa makes. (That's right, Santa will visit us, right here at home- awesome!). I want you to know how much I appreciate each and every one of you. I want you to hang on to that thought.

The day after we moved in the snow hit. The frigid temps were already here, so we have spent most of the past six weeks holed up inside our awesome new home. Sure, we have been out a few times. My oldest son has enjoyed riding his bike down the sidewalk while we wait for the bus. My youngest has had fun shoveling the driveway, flinging snow into, well, the driveway. Yeah, he's not very good at it. Both boys and the 11th month old puppy have spent time running around the fenced in backyard, attempting to climb trees while avoiding the thawing presents the dog has left all over the yard.

You have smiled and waved. And like I said, I really appreciate it. But here's the thing. You met us in the deep of a very cold, very snowy, and very long winter. You saw my little family in tiny blurs of pent up energy. A seven year old hunched over his bike, racing away from us down the sidewalk. A four year old, out of breath, pushing a shovel heavy with snow. A sweet little white puppy pulling on her leash. And you, my new neighbor, you are so sweet. And I hate to say this. I really hate to say this out loud, but here goes. You haven't seen nothing yet.

Warm weather is coming. And once it is here to stay there are a few things you should probably know. My boys are loud. They are often wild. They are always dirty. Here is a glimpse into what you may see and hear from our little corner of Misty Lake this summer...

  • Various voices, adult and child, screaming the words "Alex! Stop that!" repeatedly.
  • A seven year old riding his bike at top speed down the sidewalk while holding a large stick over his head like Braveheart.
  • A puppy bouncing around in the middle of street thanks to a young child leaving the garage door open. This will be accompanied by lots of voices screaming "Marley!" in unison.
  • Sirens from the ambulance that will be called when one, or both, boys fall from one of the large trees in the backyard.
  • A mother shouting out the kitchen window. These shouts may include phrases such as "Get down from that tree!", "Don't do that to your brother!", and "Don't do that to the dog!".
  • Various toys, sticks, and stuffed animals flying over the fence.
  • Screaming from the youngest boy when his favorite toy, stick, or stuffed animal goes flying over the fence.
  • Screeching so loud you will be convinced someone is dying. No one is dying. Please do not call the cops.
  • What looks like a bunch of misfits from the local circus walking around the block. These clowns may have bikes, scooters, a dog, or various stuffed animals with them. Oh, and they're not actually clowns looking for their circus. They would be my family. Oh, and they probably won't be walking as much as rolling and vibrating down the sidewalk, accompanied by a tired looking mother yelling out to them to "Slow down for the love of God!".  Sigh.
  • Numerous apologies from the talls in the house, on behalf of the littles. Numerous. NUMEROUS.
So, thanks for the welcomes and the waves and the smiles. Here's hoping they keep coming once the sun starts shining!

Your New Neighbor

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