Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Things I Learned While Spending Alone Time With My Husband This Weekend
  • My boys can survive without me. In fact, the frustrating four year old is even better behaved when left with his aunt. Said aunt has been warned- more visits to come!
  • The frustrating four year old CAN, in fact, sit still and occupy himself while his caregiver makes dinner. (I have not seen this, but I swear this is what was reported to me.)
  • Grandparents with older cell phones live on "retiree time" and don't always call to let you speak to your super six year old when you wish they would. But they do eventually call, and always, everything is fine.
  • Wine tastes better when served in a real wine glass and not being drunk out of a plastic child's cup in between folding laundry and refereeing fights between small children.
  • If I stand over my husband at the casino slot machine chanting "Bet max! Bet max!" repeatedly, he will give me more money to lose  spend at my own slot machine.
  • Old bank buildings do not always convert naturally into hotels. The echo at the front desk would drive me insane if I worked there 8 hours a day.
  • Tiny elevators that can barely hold two adults and one suitcase also do not serve hotels well.
  • I like hotel rooms with wood floors.
  • I have been missing my husband. I found him again. And it was great.
  • Reading magazines for pleasure, and not for parenting, discipline, trauma, or ADHD, can be very relaxing.
  • You truly do see everything on public transportation.
  • Older adults seem to find us no matter where we go and ask for help. This time it was my husband, giving directions to a food court. We picked up the two little old ladies about two blocks from Tower City and walked with them all the way inside, assuring they knew where they were going.
  • Helping people, no matter how insignificant it feels at the time, still feels good.
  • Making up conversations between diners at neighboring tables is as much fun as I remembered it to be.
  • We miss living so close to the city.
  • We missed each other.
  • My husband never knew I was asked to a high school dance on the steps of the garden at the Cleveland Art Museum.
  • Despite not having either child with us we still couldn't stop talking about the boys.
  • We need to do this more often.
  • A little melatonin goes a long way in obtaining a peaceful 3 hour car ride home.

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