Saturday, September 8, 2012

This blog has a fair amount of loyal readers. One of whom is my husband. Usually it takes him a while to get around to reading a new post, so imagine my surprise earlier today when I got slightly annoyed with him at dinner and he responded with, "read your blog". I fear this will be his go to answer for a while now. Every time I get even slightly frustrated with him he will remind me of the loving words I wrote about him and our marriage. Missed it? You can read it here.

He did, however, take umbrage with a few things. Like how maybe I only pointed out the annoying things he does and not anything I do. To which I responded that maybe he should go out and get his own blog. Which, in hindsight, is a bad idea, seeing as every time he needs something typed I'm called to duty.

But, OK, if he insists, then fine. Yes, on occasion, I can be annoying. There, I've said it. And I know you are all surprised. :)

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