Wednesday, June 6, 2012

memorial day, asian festival, and a big yellow bus

Memorial Day weekend was a big one for my little family. First because it marks the beginning of the longest week ever in our home. The week the tiny toddler gave us all strep throat. Or at least I think that is what it was. By the time the week was over all four of us had experienced symptoms, some of us, (ME), twice even. The boys had missed school, the big five year old missing the entire week thanks to his never ending sore throat. We were awake in the middle of the night, sleeping at weird times during the day, not washing dishes or doing laundry. We were cranky and bored and hungry but unable to eat anything. And through it all I was working from home, training for my new job, tied to my office. My sweet husband was tied to the kitchen table, job hunting and returning calls. The only good thing about the week was that the tiny toddler was only home from school one day. Since he was the first one to get sick he was also the first one to get better, so off he went to school. And thank God. Keeping the big five year old out of my hair  occupied every minute of every day was hard enough.

Prior to the mysterious illness that hit our home we all schlepped out to the Asian festival. It was oh. my. god. hot but I loaded us up with water and snacks and sunscreen and headed out. We parked down the street from the park and had the pleasure of riding a large, hot school bus into the festival. Which may not sound like fun to you, but add in a very heavy cooler and a large unwieldy stroller, oh, and two young boys excited about riding a big yellow bus and you've got yourself a par-tay.

We saw martial arts demonstrations. We saw Japanese dancers. We ate Thai lettuce wraps and Chinese noodles. We drank bubble tea. We played Asian children's games  and listened to Chinese music. We tried on traditional Chinese costumes. We got our Asian on, so to speak.

showing off the dragon he made!

As we rode the big yellow school bus back to our car I could hear my big five year old a few rows back chattering away to my husband. The tiny toddler sat on my lap in the front seat, pretending to drive the bus. I sat there, hot, sweaty, tired, thirsty, holding the stroller with my elbow to prevent it from falling over and bonking my son on the head. I closed my eyes and could hear the Chinese couple speaking Mandarin in the seat next to me. I could hear my oldest son a few rows back. I could feel my little guy moving around on my lap as he pretended to drive the big bus. And I was proud. Another successful outing with  my little family. No one got lost. No one got hurt. No one cried. Everyone got fed. And we helped the big five year old celebrate his birth country. A very proud mommy moment, for sure.

Later, after we were all strapped into the car and heading home I asked my boys what their favorite part of the Asian festival was. The tiny toddler yelled, "BUS!" and the big five year old said, "My favorite part was that little nap I took on the bus on the way back to the car. It was a GREAT nap!"

Alrighty then. I think they may have missed the point...

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