Tuesday, March 6, 2012

things that keep me up at night

the memory of my big five year old standing in front the coin star machine at the grocery store just staring up at the screen, a la' the martians in Toy Story. it creeps me out. every. single. time.

"ohhhh, the claw!"

how a tiny two year old can create such strong feelings of love and angst at the same time.

I know I am being told it is normal, but why do such large amounts of wax pour out of my big five year old's ear every so often?

is there crack in the sweet tea at McDonald's?
totally addicting

how is that no matter where my sweet husband takes off his shoes, they wind up under my feet?

why does the toilet in our master bath scream like a little girl every time it is flushed?

both of my boys will probably need braces when they are older.

why doesn't my sweet husband take his coat off when he gets home? he wears it for a while, doing normal "just got home" things like checking email or watching TV and it drives me crazy.

why do I care when my sweet husband chooses to take off his coat?

who shot J.R.? because I can't remember.

am I being as supportive a wife as I can be?

are these matchbox cars multiplying?

why can I not get a handle on the big five year old's sock situation? he never seems to have enough socks, no matter how many I buy.

when was the last time I bought a new bra? (if you can't remember then it's time to go shopping!)

what makes Special Agent Oso qualified to be helping children? he is a mess

Why don't time outs work for the tiny toddler?

am I screwing up my kids?

how can two adults and two little people drink so much milk?

if I lived alone would I be one of those people who drink right out of the carton?

will my husband lose his job?

if we all take our shoes off the moment we enter the house, and we all leave them in exactly the same spot every time, how can we never find the big five year old's shoes?

if we know we can never find the big five year old's shoes then why don't we start looking for them before we have to rush out the door?

will my big five year old get into the elementary school we want?

is my big five year old going to need speech therapy?

is my tiny toddler going to need anger management classes?

where did all those ants in the kitchen last spring come from?

why do all of my bathrooms smell like pee?

when is the big five year old going to ask about his birth mother?

why does the tiny toddler like to rip apart books?

will the tiny toddler ever learn to count past "two"?

will I eventually be driven mad by the toy that seems to be lost under the car seat, out of reach, yet stuck "on" and constantly singing the "Toys R Us" song, over and over and over?

am I worrying too much?

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  1. Damon has the "Have you ever seen a puppy" song stuck in his head!!! I catch myself wearing my coat hours after i get home.. Mia's room smells like the diaper genie.I thought that was odor proof. By the way she screams thru diaper changes & dressing I'm thinking she is going to need anger mnmgt!!! i have new post pregnancy hair growing out the side of my head that refuses to be tamed. The toilet in my guest bathroom is broken and hasn't been flushed in 6 months..Will we have 2 house pmts forever? I could go on but I WON"T!!! Love to you!!!!