Thursday, March 1, 2012

my two hearts

I love Pinterest! I know that everybody uses this bulletin board site differently - some use it as a dream board of sorts, some as an electronic list. I use it as a little of both. I am currently capturing ideas for our upcoming master bedroom redecoration, which is a mix of dream and reality. I also use it to store recipes, all of which I will eventually try. I use it to keep lists of books I want to read, adoption related books and items I might wish to purchase, and fun holiday themed treats and crafts for the kids. As a person who loves lists and all things organization, this website seems to have been made for me.

So I saw this on Pinterest a few months ago:

I think this is just beautiful. It shows a couples'  timeline- where they met, where they married, where they live, and love, now. I thought this could be changed up to reflect the birth countries of my boys. I chose a dark wood frame to match the decor in the dining room, which is where I decided to hang this craft project. Our dining room walls are covered with black and white photos of the boys, along with a hand painted picture of a panda that my young niece painted for my big five year old when he first came home from China. Eventually there will also be a picture or two representing Russia. And now there is this:

It still needs some work. I may replace the background paper and add a title- maybe "family" or "love". But it looks great on my dining room wall and the boys love it. The heart on the left shows Vladivostok Russia and the right reflects the  Guangdong Province of  China. Below I have written the Russian and Chinese names of my boys. I think it is beautiful!


  1. OK, I might have to steal this idea! Maybe even pin it!