Monday, March 19, 2012

making memories with green squishy guys

It's important to me that my boys grow up with happy memories of our loving home. I have great memories of my childhood, mostly including my father, who passed away before I turned 30 years old. It was my dad who always put together the stockings each Christmas, picking out exactly the perfect little gifts for each of his girls. It was my dad who played basketball with me in the driveway and who took me with him when he judged marching band competitions. It was my dad standing outside the door at every solo and ensemble contest because I wouldn't let him in the room. (He was well known among his peers and I wanted that "Excellent" rating because of my ability, not because James Kirk was in the room.) We each make memories for our kids in our own way, and celebrating everything we can in fun small ways in how I am helping my boys make lasting memories of their own. I fill their bedrooms with balloons on their birthday. And they get special little surprises for the little holidays. If the Easter Bunny or Santa is not involved then I am on it!

Saturday was St. Patrick's Day. Earlier in the week we made yummy pretzel and green chocolate treats that I saw while wasting time on Pinterest. Each boy took a bag of these treats to school to share with their classes- they were a big hit!

This morning the boys woke up to these cute little green buckets waiting for them on the kitchen table. Each bucket contained a few green army men with parachutes, a green squishy ball with face and hair, and a little gift- the tiny toddler got an Elmo book and the big five year old an Angry Birds slap bracelet. I overheard the big five year old telling the tiny toddler last night that "maybe the lucky leprechaun" would visit that night, and my heart soared. He remembered his little St. Patrick's Day treat last year and now is sharing his enthusiasm with his little brother. A tradition is born!

These little gifts cost me less than $4.00 total- for two kids that is small price to pay! Both boys took their squishy ball guys with them to China school that morning, and my big five year old promptly named his.

They are only this little for a short time and we are making the most of it!

aptly named "Cutie Pie"

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