Monday, February 27, 2012

the sweetest litte compliment...

My boys are so cute. They have sweet smiles and they both love to make silly faces, usually right after saying or doing something that they know will get them in big trouble. They give great hugs and kisses and they know just how to melt my heart. And now I know that God created them that way for a reason. Yes folks, there is a reason that little kids are so darned cute. Because if they weren't, we would spend much of our days mad at them for the backhanded compliments that come out of their mouths.

They mean well, right? I am sure the compliment made sense in their sweet little heads. But something happens between thinking the compliment and actually saying it.

  • I love to hug you Mommy, you are so squishy! ("squishy" is the medical term for "need to exercise more".)
  • Mommy, I like how your hair is kind of white on top, it is pretty. (obviously it is time to color the roots again...)
  • Mommy, please don't dance.
  • You hair looks crazy like mine! ("crazy" is a good thing in my big five year old's mind, but not really a look I wish to sport.)
  • Mommy,  your teeth look clean but I don't like your toothpaste, it makes your mouth smell funny. (uh, honey, I'm thinking I need MORE toothpaste...)
  • Look Mommy! This pillow pet is the same size as your bum bum!
  • Mommy, I am smart like you and I am not even OLD like you are!
And all of that is just from the big five year old. When the tiny toddler starts complimenting me I may just have to go into hiding!

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