Thursday, January 26, 2012

4 seconds to blast off, toddler style

My big four and a half year old is getting very good at translating for his little brother. I can understand about 65% of the sounds that come out of the tiny toddler's mouth, but my oldest son can understand him at least 80% of the time. When neither of us are around the poor little guy is probably frustrated and angry. More than usual, I mean.

Now, to his credit, he is learning a whole new language, one that is very different from the native Russian he spent 24 months hearing. And he is putting sentences together, stringing along words and sounds that sometimes sound like real words and sometimes sound like his mouth is full of marbles. I feel like a little detective. Actually, I feel like those guys who diffuse bombs. I have about 4 seconds to decipher his baby speak before he totally goes ballistic and starts throwing things. And he is so much harder to understand when he is angry...

Some of his words and sentences are very easy to understand. "Cookie", for example, is always spoken very clearly and in a slightly demanding way. "Boo Daddy!" is a little game he plays with, you guessed it, Daddy. He likes to "boo" Daddy as though Daddy is playing in the big game. Daddy then says, "No boo Daddy!" and they giggle. "Me!" is also a very easily understood word. And a word he has had A LOT of practice using. His current independent stage is driving me crazy  sweet and adorable. I cringe  love it when he shouts "No Mama!" at me, and his constant demands for drinks are more tolerable now that he can say "juice!".

But other words and phrases are less easily determined. You be the judge:

Dat? Dat? DAT????

Faff tee?

Me tee?

Ba! Ba!

Ooh Ooh!

Ooh Ooh nite nite! NITE NITE!

Voody. Voody? VOODY!

Dao git it!

Me cap mil. Me! ME!

Benkit git.

As you can see, most of his sentences escalate into him just shouting the words. Even happy words, like "nite nite" often get shouted loudly at whomever is around. So you figure it out. What do you think he is saying? Leave a comment- winner gets a big wet kiss from the tiny toddler!

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