Thursday, December 8, 2011

My boys love their toys. And I love playing with them too. A good toy can keep all of us busy for hours, playing on the floor, talking, laughing, pretending. Play time with my boys is my favorite time of the day, and, if you ask me, doesn't happen often enough. With Christmas right around the corner, I have been thinking about toys and gifts a lot lately.

My big four and a half year old has suddenly developed a love of hot chocolate. At first I was making it lukewarm and serving it to him in a sippy cup. Even though he is four, he is messy. Then I moved on to a plastic cup, and, finally, a real big boy mug. And then I found this online:

I can personalize it! He would love love love that!

I love educational toys for kids!  The website I found these cute cups on also offers educational toys for kids. Melissa and Doug, one of my favorites, can be purchased here. You can sort by category, age of child, price range, or just check out what is on sale. This family owned business only has constructive playthings for sale- no violent toys for sale here. They also have an army of moms to help with questions and toy selection- what other toy store offers real time advice from real life moms?

CP Toys by Constructive Playthings may just become my go to store for all things toy related!

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