Sunday, November 27, 2011

kermit the frog made me cry

I took my big four and a half year old to see The Muppets last night. he had grabbed Froggy Frog, one of our stuffed frogs, when he got out of the car, so clearly the frog was interested in seeing the movie as well. As we waited in line to buy our tickets no fewer than three people commented on my cute little boy and mysteriously seemed to know which movie we were there to see. Finally the fourth commenter pointed to the stuffed frog in my son's arms as she said "I bet you are going to see that muppet movie." Ahhhh. people thought my big four and a half year old loved the muppets. Clearly I needed to pay closer attention.

He had never seen the muppets so I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. But I shouldn't have worried. He loved it. he curled up in his seat and wrapped his hand around my arm, holding on to me as he laughed out loud. I know much of the movie was over his head; it was really created as a little piece of nostalgia for parents. But he got enough of it to enjoy it, and that's really the only thing that matters. So I got to see a great movie that I actually enjoyed, which is a welcome break from the cartoon pirates and dancing teenagers I am usually subjected to in my home. And my big four and a half year old got to have mommy and matthew time, which he loves. But he got a little more last night than just time with his mom and a few laughs. He also got a lesson in love.

I had told my son that I used to watch The Muppet Show every Sunday night with my dad. As we were watching the movie there were a few times that I thought to myself, "Wow, my dad would really have liked this movie." When the muppets all get together and perform the opening to their weekly show I found myself sitting in the theater with tears in my eyes. At that moment I really missed my father. I have very clear memories of watching Kermit and Gonzo with him. His favorite character was Animal, probably because he thought most drummers were already animals.And even though it has been over ten years since he has passed away I still miss him very much. He would have approved of my husband, even liked him most likely. he would have loved my boys. My big four and a half year old's interest in all things musical and all things cars would have made them instant friends. There are still so many times that I find myself wishing I could tell him some little story of my life.

So we watch the movie, and we both love it. love love love it. As I was buckling my sleepy guy into the car we had this conversation:

Me: "I really enjoyed sharing this movie with you tonight."
Him: "Why Mommy?"
Me: "Because I love to do stuff with you, kiddo."
Him: "And because you used to watch the muppet guys with your dad?"
Me: "Yes. I shared the muppets with him, and now I am sharing them with you."
Him: "Grandpa Jim would have liked that movie, Mommy."
Me: "Yes, he would have liked that movie, and he would have loved you."
Him: "I would be really sad if I could never see my daddy again."

You said it, kiddo.

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