Wednesday, November 30, 2011

As a blogger with a somewhat well read blog I am occasionally asked to write a review a product, service or website. Today I am reviewing The first thing I noticed when logging on to this website is how very busy it looks. Perhaps it is just my impatient personality but I found this website difficult to navigate. I do, however, like the idea of a website that provides for both shopping and research. Being able to read reviews, compare pricing, and then buy, if the spirit moves you, could be a time saver, which, as you all know, is near and dear to my heart.

The first items I attempted to review were toy boxes. If you have small children you face the same storage problems I face - how to store all those toys in such a way so that the kid can actually find them and play with them in a container that looks good taking up space in your home. I quickly gave up on the toy box search. The search results were difficult to understand and the photos shown were not of any toy boxes I would ever purchase. I gave up and moved on to sofas.

I am not in the market for a new sofa and don't plan to be until the little mess makers  darlings are all grown up. But I do like to window shop for sofas. Especially outdoor furniture. I found the sofa search results easier to view and understand, with photos that made me want to continue window shopping. I especially liked the extra deep sofas. When I am in the market for an outdoor sofa, or maybe even a new one for the basement or great room, I will definitely review the qualities of an extra deep sofa.

I stayed on a little while longer and checked out hunter fan blade arms. I have a favorite seat in my living room, which places the ceiling fan directly in my line of vision. I often think about what the fan would look like with different blades, which would mean the arms might need changed as well. If it is not brushed nickel then I want to replace it. Doesn't matter what it is- lights, drawer pulls, ceiling fan blade arms...

I enjoyed my time browsing this website but it was not a site I would bookmark and visit again.

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