Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I really should have been paying attention, but he talks so much...

Now that we have a second little monkey in the house I fear the irreparable damage I might be doing to my big four and a half year old. I seem to not be able to function without experiencing some level of mommy guilt. Even on the best of days, when everything just falls in into place and my boys look and act like poster kids for a Martha Stewart magazine layout, I can find the guilt. So ever since I returned from Russia after missing an entire month of my son's life and wearing a new baby, I have had guilt over not spending enough time with my oldest son. Because of this we have upped our "matthew & mommy' time. Which I love. I love being alone with my way cool kid. I love his enthusiasm for life and his constant hugs and kisses. I love being able to concentrate solely on him, without having to put him on hold while I walk away to remove his little brother from the top of the couch. There is one problem with spending so much alone time with my sweet little boy, however. He never stops talking.

And I want to listen. I try so hard. But eventually, I tune out. And that is when the trouble starts. Many a messy, disastrous and dangerous situation could have been avoided had I just listened to every single word.

Mommy I like to pretend my monster trucks are real. I like to race them against each other. Don't you think it is awesome when they jump over stuff? I wish I could jump over stuff like that. Look at that one, Mommy, he landed on his bum bum. I wish I could jump like that. If I were a monster truck I would jump over the coffee table and crush the sofa pillows. Wow, the coffee table is slippery - these pillows won't stay on. I"m gonna race them again, Mommy. Which one do you want to win, Mommy?

So which sentence should I have paid attention to? He had my full attention when he sped at top speed across the coffee table, driving a school bus riding toy. Drove it right off the end of the coffee table.

Mommy I wish we had more of that candy I eat out of the snowman's head. That is really good. If I earn all my stickers this week can I get another head? Do we have more of the candy? You know I can put it in the head all by myself. I know where we keep the candy. Wow, these new kitchen chairs are heavy. Mommy, the mail on the counter is slippery. When we go to the store I want to get the red candy. I like the red candy. I can use the pumpkin head soon. Can Alex eat this candy? It is kinda crunchy..."

Yep, the point at which I should have been paying closer attention is clear. This resulted in the big four and a half year old standing on the kitchen counter, sliding on the mail as he stretched up, in his socks, to reach the candy jar and his pez dispenser collection, which he pulled down along with a few plates.

So, I LOVE matthew & mommy time. I love spending time with both my boys. And, gee, I am really looking forward to the little guy starting to talk...

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  1. LOL I'm an mom of a bio son and an Ethiopian adopted son. I love your blog!