Thursday, August 25, 2011

old macdonald had a hamburger

Sometimes my boys are just so hilarious, especially when they aren't trying to be funny. This was yesterday's conversation in the car on the way home from daycare:

MZW: "Mommy, what are we eating for lunch?"

ME: "It's dinner, honey. You already had lunch."

MZW: "Mommy, what are we having for dinner?"

ME: "Hamburgers and fruit. Will you eat a hamburger?"

MZW: "I LOVE hamburgers. (this is totally news to me.) Remember that time I ate my first hamburger? It was so delicious!" (so delicious?)

ME: "Where did you eat your first delicious hamburger?"

MZW: "At Old MacDonalds." (mzw has called "McDonald's" "Old MacDonalds since he learned how to speak. and yes, it is very cute.)

ALEX: "e i e i ohhhhhhh......"

MZW: "Alex, we are NOT singing right now! We are talking about Old MacDonalds!"

ALEX: "e i e i ohhhhhh......"

ME: "So, Matthew, where did you say you had that first hamburger?"

MZW: "At Old MacDonalds, Mommy."

ALEX: "e i e i ohhhhhh...."

As you can imagine, this went on for some time. Every time one of us mentioned  "Old MacDonalds" little Alex sang "e i e i ohhhhh" at the top of his little lungs. I spent the rest of the ride home coming up with reasons to say "Old MacDonalds" just so I could hear my little guy sing. Eventually Matthew gave up trying to tell him that it was NOT time to sing and just joined in. By the time we hit our street both of them were "e i e i ohhhing" at the top of their lungs....

Sometimes I am just convinced the neighbors think I am crazy.....


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