Tuesday, August 30, 2011

all this strangeness is keeping me young

As far as I know my big four and a half year old has never seen the movie Madagascar 2. Which is why I find it a little odd that he was shaking his booty and singing I Like to Move It  at the urgent care last night. Don't get me wrong, watching my baby boy bent forward, elbows sticking out, hips wiggling, singing "I want to to move it move it" at the top of his little lungs was too cute. And I saw the uptight pediatrician who walked in on my son's little concert smiling as he turned his back to wash his hands.

My ninth wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks. If nine years ago someone had told me that one night I would be sitting in an urgent care with a four year old Chinese boy who was dancing and singing to a will.i.am song while holding his wrist and waiting for the results of his xray I would have said pass me some of whatever that is you're drinking. But watching my son do his little dance was not strange to me in the least. It wasn't even the strangest thing that happened to me that day.

I can be brought nearly to laughter induced tears by watching my tiny toddler dance to Hell to the No  from Glee. Totally inappropriate, I know. But he loves the song. The part that makes me laugh so hard I nearly cry is the fact that my little sweetie copies all the dance moves. Watch the video and imagine the song being sung by a two year old. oh. my. god. 

The two year old hides things in his diaper. Sometimes when I change him his little treasures fall out. I have found quarters, a plastic Coke bottle cap, a tiny hair barrette, a nice selection of matchbox cars and a spoon. And yes, I threw the spoon away. Or sent it to work with my husband in his lunch. But I'm pretty sure I threw it away...

The four and a half year old wants to name our dog, which we don't even own yet, "Aidan". I have no clue why. He says that it doesn't matter that we plan to get a girl dog. Which I would find strange, but we currently have a male cat named Hewitt that we call a girl. It's a long story.

So there are a lot of strange things in my current life. Boy cats we treat as girls, tiny toddlers wagging a finger in the air as he dances to a totally inappropriate music video. Big four and a half year olds shaking it in the urgent care. Matchbox cars falling out of diapers.

I have a two year old who has mastered the art of hiding his sippy cups. I swear I give him a drink ten minutes before dinner and by the time we sit down at the table that cup is nowhere to be found. Nowhere. How the hell does he do that? We usually find the cup much later, sitting right out in plain sight. And we still have not found Brad's keys.

So add that to the list of strange things occurring in my life. Their shoes multiply. Their faces are always dirty. And don't even get me started on their fingernails. They dance. Last week the toddler chased me around the backyard with a baseball bat. As I was running for cover I remember thinking "this is weird. he weighs like 23 pounds. how can he run so fast while holding that heavy bat?" That was strange.

So all of this was running through my mind last night as I sat on that hard plastic chair in the exam room at the urgent care watching my sweet little boy knock out, if I do say so myself, an awesome dance to a song by a rapper, ( I think), that I have never heard of. Maybe none of this is strange. Maybe I am just old. But if I am, then all this strangeness is keeping me young!

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