Thursday, February 3, 2011

my life is to be continued...

I usually don't do very good with resolutions. New Year's, new you, new anything- any type of resolutions usually do not last long in my world. But I make them anyway, each year. December 31, 2010 found me at our kitchen table playing board games and eating pizza with my husband and sister, after having spent the day at the hospital with Mom. Two days later, after a whirlwind of doctors, heartfelt talks with my sister, cranky nurses, beside vigils, and tough decisions, Mom quietly passed away. The next week ushered in a brand new whirlwind of packing up my family and heading to Akron for the week for Mom's services. Receiving Mom's friends and family, chasing after my three year old, trying to stay upright in slippery heels on a snowy parking lot surface- one thing after another kept my mind off the new year and any resolutions I might have wanted to make.

The second week of January brought a huge amount of make up work at the office and the news of a referral for our second child. Suddenly the thought of taking off work in a few months for maternity leave and trips overseas took up all the extra space in my brain. Any corner not already taken up with bath time and packing lunches and behavior charts and story time and monster trucks was suddenly jammed with thoughts of suitcases, visa's, baby clothes, and travel itineraries. While my brain was filled with lots of stuff, the one thing it wasn't thinking about was resolutions.

So it's weird that now that we know we are traveling in less than 10 days for our first trip and I have absolutely a thousand things to do, here I am thinking about this year's resolutions.

Here is what I am thinking...

1. continue whole foods experiment. so far, so good, and now I need to make it an every day thing.
2. continue weight loss. and this year, let's try to be more consistent about it, shall we?
3. now that I finally found my body media armband, which I misplaced after our trip to New York City, I really want to wear it more consistently, and pay attention to what it is telling me.
4. get more sleep. probably not going to happen, what with the new little one on the way, but it is so important.
5. write more.... anything. except checks. write less checks.
6. continue to learn.
7. remember to tell my husband how important he is to me, every day.

I am not resolving to be better at anything this year. I am accepting who I am and liking who I am and just resolving to continue the good things I started in 2010. So, nothing new for 2011. This year, it's about continuation. Want to know how it all turns out? Me too. All I can say is, stay tuned. My life is to be continued...

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  1. Boy, do I know the feeling - my life too, is 'to be continued'! Congrats on the new little one, and good luck.