Thursday, November 11, 2010

who knew my son would fire me and the police would show up at my house on the same day?

The plan was sleeping in. That was the plan. My brain loves to sleep and rarely wakes me up even a minute earlier than it needs to. Occasionally I have a hard time staying asleep, but the closer it gets to morning the deeper my sleep seems to get so that by the time the alarm is going off I am ready for at least another hour of sleep. Going to bed any earlier doesn't help. It is just a weird sleep thing I have going on. So I love my sleep and try to protect it at all costs. Which is why my husband is no longer allowed to get dressed in our bedroom if I am still asleep.

My husband can nap for 15 minutes and be refreshed and ready to go. On weekdays I swear an entire marching band could parade through our bedroom playing The Stars and Stripes Forever and he would not wake up. On days he can sleep in, however, he is up at the crack of dawn. That is his weird sleep thing.

Last night as we were reviewing our schedules for today it was decided that I would take the little guy to daycare this morning since I had to go that way anyways to pick up my mother and take her to the dentist. Because my husband was not doing the usual daycare drop we could all sleep in a little. So the clock was set for 7am, instead of 6:30. My husband was up and getting dressed for work by 6:15. At which time he woke me up while getting dressed. He then asked if I wanted him to wake up Matthew. It took every ounce of restraint I had to not throw my drool covered pillow at him. No, thank you, I did NOT want our son up even earlier than normal so that he could jump on the bed where I was still trying to sleep. Why were we up this early? "This is the time my body said to get up.", was the response. Your body is WRONG. And my body is TRYING TO SLEEP!

Turns out, we should have just gotten up. By the time I had my son buckled into his car seat he had already spent at least an hour whining about just about everything he could think of, which included firing me from taking him to his playgroup on Saturday. Yes, he actually said "Mommy, you are fired from taking me to china group this weekend." Fine with me, kiddo. Let's see you try to get there on your big wheel...

As we were walking to the car Matthew noticed that the rear tire looked flat. Thank goodness he is so observant. Who knows when I would have noticed. We stop at the UDF right by our house and their air costs 75 cents. Seriously, when did we start paying for air? I didn't have three quarters, so I had to schlep both me and Matthew inside just to be told that they do not give change. I buy gas there, iced tea, newspapers... but they don't give change? We head to the second gas station - there are three stations right next to each other so my plan was to visit each one until I found my prize- a re-inflated tire. The second station had air for $1.00. But at least they were willing to make change so I could use their pricey air.

After extricating myself from my teary eyed three year old, who an hour earlier had fired me from everything but who now was clinging to my leg as though one of us was going off to war, I headed to Mom's assisted living. I got there at 9:15 and we walked into her 10:00 dentist appointment at 10:02. There is something wrong with her knee and my usually quite spry mother was walking like she was 90 years old. By the time I got her and her drive through lunch back home it was nearly 12:30pm. Finally, I can get some work done!

No sooner do I settle down in the local Starbucks do I realize that the wi fi is not working. As I am packing up to find another place to work, the reason for my displacement from my home office calls. Apparently I turned on the alarm at home before we left this morning, which resulted in our house cleaner setting off the alarm when she came in to clean. Did I want to speak with the police, she asks me. Uh, yes? After proving to the local authorities that I was, in fact, Elizabeth Wilkison, they let me get off the phone and my house cleaner on to cleaning.

It is still early, so I am a little worried about what the rest of the day may hold for me. I found working wi fi and got my reports submitted. I have returned my calls and have even been able to get some other work done. But I feel as though this isn't the end....

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