Tuesday, October 12, 2010

yesterday's top phrases

Top 15 things I said yesterday:

1. mommy is on the phone.
2. yes, you can wear your UPS costume to the grocery store.
3. The cat doesn't like that.
4. because we don't eat popsicles for breakfast.
5. pull your pants up.
6. yes, we should take that book with us to Serbia to read to your new little brother or sister.
7. no, you cannot ride your dump truck down the slide.
8. I saw that!
9. No, you cannot take your piano and guitar to the grocery store.
11. I understand that baby elmo is afraid of mosquitoes but there aren't any in the grocery store so get out of the car.
12. seriously dude, the cat DOES NOT like that!
13. no, I am not going to buy a delivery guy costume for your friend from day care so you can match.
14. no, I don't want to see how many blueberries you can fit in your mouth.
15. I love you!

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