Thursday, September 2, 2010

a letter to my nine year old neighbor...

Dear Neighbor Boy,

First of all, please stop asking us if we are selling the Mustang. And while you are at it, please stop telling us that we should sell the Mustang. It is apparent how deep your love for all things Corvette runs but we have no plans to sell our car and buy our "better choice". We do, however, enjoy the constant questioning every time you see our garage door open.

Second of all, I do not know if the Mustang runs faster than your precious Corvette. The top speed of my husband's car is of no concern to me, as long as my husband doesn't attempt to log any miles going that fast.

Third of all, and probably most important, despite the fact that the Mustang was built in 1970, IT IS NOT OLD. I doubt your mother would enjoy knowing you told me that our car was older than her and "man, she is old!" I would like to go on record that I do not think things (or people) created in 1970 are all that old.

Finally, I am not sure what "trouble" a nine year old boy living in the suburbs could conjure up, but your statement that "not even that fast car could help me outrun my troubles" was both funny and alarming.

And yes, the car does run- my husband drives it frequently. And no, I do not appreciate your trying to convince me to take the car out tonight when I was getting in the Malibu. Telling me that my "husband would never find out" is not going to work. I am not twelve.


Your Corvette Hating Neighbor

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