Thursday, April 23, 2009

what a beautiful day... the sun is shining in my kitchen window and the house is empty, quiet. I don't even know where the cat is... soon I will get in the car and make my mad dash for western ohio, stopping along the way at least once for gas and maybe coffee... soon the quiet spell will be broken and the very busy day will begin.

I am really looking forward to seeing Brad's family this weekend. I love to watch Matthew play with his cousins. I love that I have things to say now. That I am part of the "mom club". The family never made me feel as if I wasn't a part of the club; it is a feeling all women trying to start families and having difficulty feel. And no matter what people say, it is better to be "in the club".

I feel happy to be going to this place so full of love and children and family. I feel no remorse or jealousy or sadness. I just feel contentment. And what a beautiful place to be in life. Not always wanting something you don't have, not always looking towards the future for your life to start. Just being content and living each moment with joy. sigh.....

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